Alex Wisconsin

Illegal Immigration

We need to control the illegal immigrants entering the country.

Dear future president,

There are a few issues on immigration that need to be discussed and I will proceed to explain them in this letter.

Firstly, Illegal immigration is not fair to all of those who enter the United States legally. Most of the legal immigrants looking to permanently reside in the United States of America have to wait for a very long period of time in order to be admitted into the country, and during that time they have to watch the illegal immigrants just flow in, since at the given time we have a lackluster border security force. We need to fix this, we cannot continue to let the good spirited legal immigrants have to stand and watch while illegal criminals walk right past them into our great country, we need stronger border security, and we need it soon.

Likewise, these illegal immigrants are also bringing in drugs and crime. That is completely unacceptable, considering that it all could be prevented if we had better border security. If we make the investment to secure our borders, then we are preventing massive amounts of illegal substances and drugs from entering the country, same with crime. That will have a massive positive impact on our country, preventing scarred lives and even deaths from crime, and taking large amounts of illegal drug out of our country.

Finally, illegal immigrants take away valuable jobs from hard working American citizens, which is completely unfair. All of the hard working Americans are losing their jobs to illegal immigrants who are taking the jobs away from us, which is not fair for the people who have been working those jobs for sometimes, several years. If we do not secure our borders, these immigrants will continue to pour in and take away our jobs, and the United States of America cannot afford such losses.

To conclude, we have to stomp out illegal immigration. It is like a very large game of hide and go seek, except there are over 11 million hiders, and not enough seekers, and it is also illegal.   


Alex Foeller