Dan Wisconsin

College Tuition

I would like for the future president to lower college tuition.

Dear Future President,

For all the low-income to middle class families I ask if you could lower college tuition costs, so many wouldn’t have to live most of their life in debt.

The cost of college has gone out of control with 10% of all college graduates having loans of 40,000 dollars; this causes people to live with their parents and hold marriage. People say the value of a degree isn’t worth the cost of college;60% of graduates have a loan debt balance equal to 60% of their income. Most middle class and low-income americans don’t even get into some of the better colleges and if you do you might end up like the 1% of graduates that are in debt 100,000 dollars.

 know life can be unfair and harsh sometimes but as our leader I believe you can fix this so everyone has a good chance for a good life.