brianna Ohio


Abortion is a growing topic in our nation. Millions of babies are dying and it should be illegal.

Dear Mr./Madam president

Abortion seems to be a growing topic in our country. According to in 2011, there were 1.06 million abortions since 1973 there have been more than 56 million abortions. Abortions were first legalized in Colorado, California, and North Carolina following abortion being legalized the rate of abortions went way up. Abortion needs to be illegal in all states the rates of abortion need to drop we need to education women on abortion and show what a terrible choice it is. Women are becoming pregnant and deciding to have abortions for selfish reasons. For example, they do not have time to care for a child due to their career , they don’t have the income to care for a child or simply they do not want a child. For these reasons I think abortion should be illegal you decided to make a mistake now there are consequences just because you don’t have time to raise this child doesn’t mean you get to end a life for your own selfish dues. Children are wonderful I'm not saying that children are a consequence of having sex but when you decided to put your, self at risk to have a child is the moment you decided to change your life and adapt to whatever has happened.

Now, there are certain times I think abortion would be okay such as when carrying a child puts the mother at risk or if continuing the pregnancy can be harmful to the child and they wouldn’t live and if a woman is raped and can not take the emotional stress of carrying the child of the man who raped her. Statistics show that less than one percent of abortions are performed to save a mothers life, only one percent of abortions come from mothers that where raped, and only three percent of women chose abortion due to health problems. Once you are eight or more weeks pregnant, a baby can physically feel pain from the abortions. Not wanting to be pregnant doesn’t justify killing an innocent baby. A baby's rights compared to a mothers are not equal. When a woman gets pregnant, and decides to have an abortion, her lifestyle is at stake while a baby's life is at stake.

There are many added health risks when choosing abortions. Morbidity and mortality rates of legal abortion are several times higher than that for carrying a pregnancy to term. For example, you can have damage to your cervix , damage to other organs , infections or sepsis , scarring of the uterine lining and death there are also many side effects after an abortion states some side effects after abortion such as nausea , spotting and bleeding , vomiting , and abdominal pain and cramping. These side effects can be experienced for two to four weeks after the procedure. It is possible to experience more severe abortion side effects that needs medical attention for example you can experience severe abdominal pain and back pain that prevents you from standing ,continued pregnancy symptoms, and fever above 101 degrees Fewer complications happen when you have a first trimester abortion 1 out of 100 women experience complications but 1 out of every 50 women who get late term abortions experience complications. There are also emotional side effects that you can experience you may experience mild regret to something's serious as depression emotional side effects can be just as serious if not more than the physical effects. You can experience all these heath risks when you decide to have an abortion.

There's also a growing topic of “late term abortion “ which happens in the second and third trimester. Late term abortion is when a doctor dilates a woman's cervix and uses a sooner clamp and curette blade to dismember and remove the baby's body parts. Doctors also say late term abortion is not easy and things can go wrong. I firmly believe this should be considered murder. A child can feel pain after eight weeks and late term abortion has them dismembered the reason doctors can't be charged with murder is because technically if the child is still in the womb it's not considered murder. Late term abortion is not only cruel but it's in human. This is a human being who now has a beating heart, organs and a brain. Late term abortion is illegal but four states allow this if the woman's life is at risk. According to late term abortion can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

In conclusion, I believe both late term and abortion should be illegal in all states this is a growing problem it is cruel no child deserves to be killing for selfish reasons. Abortion can potentially harm the mother and a baby is getting killed there are other options than abortion you can carry a child to term have your baby and give them up for adoption there are many families in the world that can not have a baby due to heath issues and you can also drop your baby off at a fire station, police station, etc. and they will take your child and put him or her into good hands they won't ask any questions and it's completely free. There are other possible options besides killing a human being abortion is not the answer it needs to be stopped.

Sincerely , Brianna D