Ebony B. Kentucky

Public Schools

Things need to change in the schools

Dear, New President

           I am a 16 year old junior in high school, and since pre school I have been in a public school. In the past few years I have seen some things that should be changed in the public schools that could help the us students learn more and be better prepared for life when we leave the public school system. For instance better funding for schools, how students are being taught in some classes, and different required classes that we need to take.

          Many of the schools that I have been to I always had a class that did not have enough books or materials for all the students in the class rooms because there are like 30 of use in each class. So some classes are not able to use the books that are provided because there aren't enough books for the students in each class or in the schools period.  The schools usually give the books to the advanced and AP students in the, and the comp and honors don't get any books, and some of these students don't feel like they need to learn because the schools and the teacher are not trying their best to make sure they are provided the best education.

         Along with better funding of schools, schools need to have different classes that the students should be required to take. Because when some of us kids/ teens leave school and go of to college and into the real world there are a lot if things that we don't know how to do. Like how to do taxes, balance an account, write a check, and many other things. We leave school with a lot of information that we don't need after school, and the information that we do need we don't have because no one has taught us how. But if it is not possible to get students a class to take in school you can provide us with a class that we can take out side of school like at the library or something.  Then we can say that we got a chance to learn about some of the things we need for when we are adults and out of our parent's houses.

          There are a lot more things that should be changed about public schools and I could write a ten paged paper front and back about what should be changed but I'm sure you don't have time to read it all. But this is what I really feel needs to be changed in the schools. I hope that you read this and really take in consideration what I had to say about the public school system.


                                                                                                             Ebony Brackens