Lincoln A. Kentucky

Climate Change

i will be talking about haw it affects the world and me, and how we can fix the problem of climate change.

Dear Future President,

I love the outdoors and wildlife and I am really worried about climate change and how it might affect the future. As bad as it is right now, I wonder what kind of terrible things will happen in the future. It is predicted to get worse. How will my children and grandchildren be affected by it? How will the rest of the world be affected by it?

There is a lot of pollution from cars, factories, etc. and all that adds up. The pollution collects in the atmosphere, and traps the heat from the sun, warming the Earth. An example of climate change is the fact that the glaciers are melting. This causes the sea level to rise, so eventually many places will be completely underwater. The increase in temperature causes droughts, which affects our farmers ability to grow our food.

When all of that comes together, it causes a bunch of problems. The last couple of years, I saw that each summer is warmer than the previous. Scientists predict that it will just keep getting warmer. It also makes the weather get worse, with hurricanes and El Nino. Animals can struggle in the areas that are currently affected and can go extinct.

The good thing is that we can keep it from getting worse. We can use hydroelectric or nuclear power instead of things like coal and petroleum. If we did that it will cut down on pollution, and keep climate change from getting worse. Another way to help fix the problem is for more of the governments’ money could be used for research on cleaner energy sources, such as fusion, wind and solar power. It would have to be a global change with most of the counties working together to accomplish not having so much pollution, but beginning with parts of America, it can help.

All in all, I think that climate change is real. If it isn’t real, then how come thousands of scientists are lying? We need to do something about it as soon as possible. It could cause a lot of problems for the Earth, animals, and us humans if we continue to let it get worse. I hope that you agree with me, and will try to help.


Lincoln A.


Pacesetters Block 4 Social Studies

Pacesetters Block 4 Social Studies

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