Suzannah S. Kentucky

Dear Future President,

Police Protection

Dear Future President,

My brother is a police officer and I think most police officers try to protect our community and keep everyone safe the best they can. They receive hate from people for just doing their jobs, when the main people that hate don't even care about others or would never have the courage to do what they do. I do agree that there are some police officers that have made a bad decision once or twice. I think half of that has to do with their training. In the training academy for police officers they should train them harder and prepare them for situations where people have guns so that the police don't always have to shoot and they can find another way to approach the person.  The new president should invest in actual bullet proof vests for police officers so that they won't always feel like if they don't shoot the person with the gun first then they are going to die. I think that bullet proof vests are really important and will prevent many unnecessary deaths.

Thank you,

Suzannah Stewart