Nuh Washington

Police Brutality splits the people

A article on why police brutality has to stop

Dear Mr. or Ms. President,

You're walking down street and you're black, you're out late because you were at tutoring center. you take a quick stop at a store to buy a water gun that you promised your little brother then start walking home. Then an officer shots you because he felt “threatened” by a water gun. He was killed when he had a chance of a bright future. Police brutality is a big problem in America and has been for a very long time, it's a bigger problem for black people and men than white people and women. Police Brutality is a problem the future president should focus on because it causes tension between people of color and the police and police could arrest people could arrest people less violently.

First reason police could handle the situation less violently than they are right now. According to a New York times articles it said “A spate of killing by the police have put a renewed focused DE-escalation tactics developed, prevent confrontations and keep others from ratcheting up excess force. This would be a great way to stop excess force but officer don't use it. if the future president imposed these rules the problem of police brutality wouldn't be so big. And America would more in control and safe.

Also This problem causes tension between black people and the another a new york times articles made by Amanda Cox it said these situations are causing extreme tension between black people and Police and causing rebelling acts.This shows the faster the next president take scares of this issues. The less trouble there would be.

Others believe that the problem is exaggerated, but they are wrong. it is a problem cause this is ending lives of people that might have had a bright future. And not only that it hurts the family and friends of the person and it causes rebelling acts.

Police brutality is a major problem because it cause tension between people and the cops, it ends lives that might of had a future and i could be handled in a peaceful way.

Sincerely, Nuh M. Siraj