Phung N. Georgia

Put an End to Police Brutality

We need to take action to solve the epidemic of police brutality in America.

Dear Future President,

             As a teenager and the future generation of this country, I want to address the serious problem of police brutality. Police brutality is an issue that is often scattered across news headlines and seems to reoccur all the time. This topic has become well-known to the public; however, little action has been taken to solve it. This epidemic has swept the nation in a negative manner and multiple families have been impacted greatly due to their loved ones being killed by the police. Some police officers are able to escape the situation with no consequences, despite the actions inflicted on innocent civilians. This topic must be brought to the attention of a higher authority because it has waged a war versus police and civilians in our nation when we all should really cooperate to resolve this controversy.

            To begin with, many try to look away from the fact that in 2016 alone, between 790 and 844 people were murdered by the ones who claim to protect us. What’s more shocking is that the year is not even over yet, and more and more innocent lives are being murdered each and everyday. In addition, a countless number of these victims were the mentally ill, unarmed, and people of color. Due to the fact that these people are the ones that are being murdered has caused an outbreak of rage on social media as well as people of color protesting and fighting for their rights. Those who were virtuous and guiltless had their lives taken away from them because they weren’t a color that was “fitted” for society.

            In 2014, a study was conducted that six out of 10 black males feel as if they have been treated unfairly by police officers. This is a significant concern because black males are about nine times more likely to be a victim of police brutality. People of color should not have to live in fear of being targeted by police. The color of one's skin should not increase the likelihood of being killed by officers, especially when unarmed and complying. Furthermore, an article demonstrated that, “fewer than 1 in 3 black people killed by the police in America this year were suspected of a violent crime and allegedly armed.” Everyday, an unarmed civilian of color can be killed and there is nothing being done to prevent this from happening. A story was written in Newark, NJ about two white police officers that severely beat a black cab drive after stopping him for a minor traffic violation. Since he was a different color of skin, the black cab driver was harmless but was still beaten severely. The rate of which an innocent person is killed goes up by 7 hours a day, but yet there is no justice still to come for these people family nor is there any discipline for the police taking these lives. Not having the feeling of safety and knowing that the one who is supposed to protect and serve you, can also be the one who can neglect and control you is frightening. This goes to prove that, there is no justice for the people of color and families are left frightened not only for their own lives but their loved ones as well.

             Another major problem that adds to the fire which gets African-Americans and others started up is not just black innocent lives are lost day-to-day, but that police officers are getting away with these crimes. Statistically, for every 1,000 people killed by police, only one officer is convicted of a crime. Police officers need to recognize their roles in communities and take control of their actions. The police are supposed to be with us, not against us. One might say that police officers are entitled to their job and they are just doing what they’re told but I disagree because police need to learn how to treat people as equals and not look down upon them. As a solution, police should be held accountable, as any other felony or person would be, and spend time in prison or face a trial. Police officers should have required training in hostile situations a couple times a month. Lack of experience is a crucial part of police brutality. Not to mention, officers need firearm lessons, so they not only know how to shoot it properly, but also when it is appropriate to use lethal force. However, this does not mean that all police officers are inexperienced, many are very well trained and respected.

              As one can see, police brutality is a serious yet meaningful subject that needs to be resolved immediately.  A few solutions that you can do is have police wear body cameras to record what is occurring so people are able to see everyone’s point of view. Not only do police need to wear a body camera, but you need to radically diversify America’s Police Departments. It’s time to put a stop to police brutality because no Caucasian man with a gold or silver badge should overrule Black Americans and take their lives away. Therefore, put an end to police brutality. 


Phung N

Creekland Middle School

Ms. Boyle's Class

Ms. Boyle's Class

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