justin k. Georgia

Eating Our Ocean

We should stop polluting our ocean.

Dear Future President,

When I was a little kid I always learn about how humans pollute and destroy our world into a dump. I also learned that many people are trying to fix it by recycling and using less trash. Now that I am a 13 year old I still see that the world is getting an increase in industry and more ocean environments are getting destroyed. As we keep doing these habits animals and humans depend on the ocean to live. I claim that you have to decide to put an end to ocean pollution.

The problems are caused by human activities like oil spills, waste, and industrial waste. Humans dump all the waste they don’t need and since they don’t know where to put it they decide to dump it all in the ocean. While I was researching I saw many pictures of endangered sea animals getting caught in plastic and eating trash from humans. Animals are endangered because of human activities and one day they will be extinct. Cargo ships and cruise ships dump oil which makes the environment polluted more. In your mind I know you need to increase American GDP but our country is already one of the richest countries around the globe. Pesticides are also a big problem to ocean pollution. Farmers put pesticides all over our food we eat. Study shows that fruits and vegetables are meant to be eaten organically. We need to start to grow our food organically. People are always throwing trash away in the environment we live in. Animals eat the trash we dump thinking that it is food. The whole world depends on the ocean to live.

I know there will be some opposition to my claim, but I have solutions. If we put more limits on industry and be stricter on manufacturing then the ocean environment would be clean. Instead of ocean ship tours we can have more beach tourism then it results improvement in coastal communities. Like I said in paragraph two we should grow our foods more organically instead of using pesticides. When it starts raining the rain carries the pesticides with them and it ends in the ocean environment. People are always known for throwing trash in the wild where all the innocent animals live. We should put more recycle bins in areas where people throw trash instead of throwing it in the ocean community. We depend on the ocean to live on this planet. You can make citizens of our country to donate to the ocean for the endangered species that are close to extinction. Since you are the president and the leader of our country you can make smarter decisions like making more programs to protect our oceans. Humans always throw away soda cans and plastic. We should make these cans, plastic, and other litter edible. Scientists have been making trash edible because creatures always eat trash thinking its edible.

After I wrap up my letter to the great president I conclude that you should put more rules and laws on ocean pollution. We depend on the ocean and the whole world does too. If we waste it then we will lose a chance on this earth.


Justin K.