Anthoney N. Montana

Letters to the next president

My letter is about under age drinking and drug use and how to solve it.

October 19, 2016

Dear Mr/Mrs. future President

My name is Anthoney I live in Billings Montana.

When you are president I would like to talk about an issue that affects all of us. The use of under age drinking/drugs.

I feel this is an issue because kids should be learning and having fun with friends they should not need to be in a juvenile delinquent center or probation. Some people just grow up in a bad place and end up doing what there parents do. Others can give into peer pressure because they want to be cool. Some kids have shown up smelling like smoke and then they distract others who are trying to learn.

The solution to this is pretty simple it just needs to be reinforced. First I think parents should be more strict and if they see their kid doing something bad or illegal. I think they should try to take the kid to counselling so they can get help or, if the kid grows up in a bad place get them a better home and they could get some help if they need it. Parents should go to counseling to because they might not know what to do and then they can get their kid the help he/she needs

In conclusion I hope that you address this issue so people will get better grades and pass at least high school and if they could college too. If you addressed this it would be a big help and I thank you for your time reading my letter and good luck with being the 46th president of the United States of America.


Anthoney N.

Billings, Montana  

Billings Public Library

TF - Billings, MT

TF - Billings, MT

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