Sydney Iowa

Gun Control/Gun Violence

Gun Control

Dear Future President,

Today I will be talking to you about gun violence and what the government could contribute to help our Union control firearms and the people using them. When the future president becomes the leader of our nation, I need to know that they are willing to make a change with gun violence. Gun control does not involve many caring citizens. Gun control is a very serious matter, but I believe it is wrong to change laws to benefit a safer nature for some and then harm those who can’t protect themselves. There have been arguments that the guns kill people, but in fact, it is the people that kill people. Guns are a good self-defense weapon, even if they are considered “deadly” they also help protect us.

Gun violence is a result to too many causes of deaths. According to Cook, Philip J., and Jens Ludwig, worldwide up to forty children and teens are shot every day from suicides, attempt of suicide, and murders. Every day seven teens die due to gun violence, 5 are murdered and 2 kill themselves. These statistics are going to keep rising every single day whether laws are changed or not. Gun violence is always going to be occurring, and people are always going to be breaking the law. Gun control will change some things, but it won’t resolve every problem that comes with it.

Although most deaths include a firearm, guns are still a good use for protection. Firearms are used to kill others, people also use them to kill themselves. Everyday two teenagers die from shooting themselves, many are hospitalized for an attempt of suicide. Gun control laws could help decrease the number of suicides, but then the number of other killings may go up. Gun control could help lower statistics but won’t resolve the problem completely. It took five years for congress to pass the gun control act of 1968, said the article “Gun Control of America”. The U.S is attempting to keep gun control as a law, when many citizens believe that it shouldn’t be a law. With a good fight, people could help prevent authorities for furthering gun control into a law, even though most people are torn between the two options.

Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting is an example of an extreme case. No one wants to send their kids to school thinking that they’re not in a safe environment. If there were gun control laws it wouldn’t fix the situations, bad people would find ways to get guns. They are already breaking the laws like they were going to do anyways. Especially when taking part in this school shooting, there was no stopping it without gun violence in return. Many people other than officers have the right to self defense, many citizens have legal possessions of guns to use for things as hunting. Why not use weapons for self defense? With gun control laws, this would result in chaos leading people to think that the U.S doesn’t care about their safety and their right towards self-defense.

Adding to the previous conversation, I would like to bring to your attention that having zero gun control could actually become a good thing. Although bad things happen now, they always will occur to happen. There is no stopping the sick people in the world, gun control is just one thing that could help as well as multiple other solutions. Gun control could help save lives, but it could also contribute to hindering them. People will always find a way to get what they want to harm others. In result, gun control would not benefit us as a community or as a nation.