Kinkade Michigan

Gun Laws

Some people want to add gun laws. In some spots people want to get rid of the safety of gun protection.

Dear Next President,

The problem is some people are trying to give us more gun laws. Some people don't want more gun laws and want to keep the ones we have. Futhermore the congress want to stop adding new gun laws.Next President, please keep the gun laws we have.

Some people say we should have more gun laws. However,we already have enough gun laws to keep us safe.The problem with laws is that lawbreakers will break the laws and it will hurt that follow them.The laws keep us in check and safe.At the same time, the ones who don't follow the laws hurt people.Next President, people need to protect themselves from law breakers.People need gun laws that will let us have enough power to protect ourselves.For this reason the homeowners have to stop intruders with semi automatic guns and stop ones who have machine guns.

There are some things we need to keep in the U.S.A.We have gun laws that are working.Many times you hear about the black market and the people in it sell guns that are illegal.They will not stop even if guns are banned. Therefore we need to protect ourselves from law breakers.We need gun laws that will let us have enough power to protect ourselves.

Next President, people have enough gun laws.We should fix the current ones to keep us safe.In conclusion, without the rights of guns the people could not protect themselves from people who buy them illegally to commit crimes.So,please,keep the gun laws in the USA.



8th Grade

Evart Middle School

Evart, MI

Evart Middle School

5th Block

8th Grade Language Arts

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