Aaliyah B. Michigan

Dear Future President

I believe that your views on immigration are reasonably supported by your evidence found in the text. If you want to make our country stable we all need to work together. We also should make better laws so if immigrants do come we know everyone will be safe, including yourself.

    In this case, I think that people who would want to enter the United States have a right to do so. Therefore, when and if we proceed to let them enter I say that we should check and see if they have had committed any crimes in their past. If so, we should not let them pass just to keep our country safe and stable. Also, we should make more opening jobs for them so we wouldn't have to lose ours. Although increasing immigration numbers may be risky we should still give them a chance to start over and get a good working job and a house like we have.

    We should not let undocumented immigrants in because they don't get a security check or inspection so we don’t know who they are or what they have done in their past. Even though we want the immigrants to start over and build a new lifestyle I still believe that we should at least check and inspect who they are and what they do or done before we let them enter the United states. It would not be fair for the immigrants who have not committed a crime if we didn't check the undocumented immigrants before they have already came in. We will check by asking other immigrants or by checking their records. I personally think it will be safer for everyone if we know who is entering our country.

    Above all, I think that my plan will bring skilled immigrants to the United States if they are willing to be committed in trying to start over and have a better lifestyle than they used to have. People of all age can also get a better learning by going to school and getting an education. I feel that if immigrants come to the U.S. will have a more fulfilling life and be more skilled as they keep moving forward. Even if we get people who are not committed to help keep our country stable, I still believe that we should give everybody a chance at starting over I think that would be the most responsible thing to do.

    Lastly, there are a lot of reasons on to why we should let immigrants in even if they are skilled or unskilled we should be open on letting them come and get a job and education to just start over.

       Yours truly,

      Aaliyah Berry

Ithaca Junior High School

Social Studies 8 - 4th Hour

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