Daisy M. California


This letter is about immigration in the U.S

  Dear Future President,

Families with illegal immigrants are getting torn apart because of deportation. Immigrants are just looking for a better and safer life for themselves and for their children. That is why they came to America, to escape poverty and so they can get a chance to study. They are illegal because they don't have the money to enter the U.S legally. I get it, there are some immigrants that just want to be here to cause trouble but there are many immigrants who want to know the feeling of freedom.

If we give them a path to citizenship, it will increase the U.S economy and add culture to the United States. Immigrants also work harder than most Americans. Lots of illegal immigrants have children born here in the U.S so if we deport them, where will their children go? So I want you, future president to allow immigrants who have worked hard to come here to allow them to be a part of the American Dream.

Sincerely Daisy.

Santa Clara High School

SCHS English 9

Freshman Writers

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