McKayla B. California

Letter to the Next President

Understanding of small town values and how big changes aimed at big cities effects small towns.

Dear Future President,

In the future president I would like to see understanding. Understanding for not only the country as a whole but for those in big cities as well as small towns. I believe that oftentimes bills are passed based solely on the needs of those in big cities while the needs of the people in small towns are often overlooked. Growing up in the small farming town of Madera, California, I have seen this first hand.

For example, the Delta Smelt, a fish, in Northern California that was found in the snow and rain filled rivers that flows into San Francisco Bay. Those same rivers that supply water for two thirds of Californians and also the rich farmland. The Central Valley of California produces a majority of the food that goes all around the world benefitting millions. The Central Valleys produce makes up 85% of the total produce around the world.

Obama even pledged to “Veto bill that will provide water to California’s Central Valley”. How are the farmers supposed to feed the world when they have no water to make their crops grow. Water is extremely expensive and since we are in a drought it is almost impossible for farmers to keep their crops alive with natural rainfall. We need water and we need it now.

The Supreme Court sided with the Delta Smelt leaving a huge blow to farmers. Sacramento may be a bigger city but definatly has a smaller problem. The fact that the Central Valley is in an extreme drought and is getting little water on top of that while expected to feed millions of people with quality grown produce is ridiculous. We need equal representation in small towns to ensure that all Californians are taken care of.