Patience W. California

Poverty in the World

Poverty is one of the biggest issues in the word. Many people are living on the streets and are unable to afford the things they need to survive.

Dear Future President,

My name is Patience Williams. I’m fourteen years old and a freshmen in highschool. We have a serious problem that is happening worldwide. Poverty. Poverty doesn’t just affect people in the US, it affects people worldwide. People are suffering and many people are helping to fix the problem but the government is unwilling to help.

One of the main issues are that people can’t afford to live in a home. Many are living on the streets hoping someone will give them the littlest of food or money. Currently 12.7% of the world lives in poverty and can only live up to $1.90 a day. A lot of the children that live in poverty are unable to receive an education; many of them are girls. Children are dying due to diseases from contamination and poor hygiene and it’s going unnoticed.

I,myself, has noticed poverty in my very own community. For example I’ve watched people sitting outside of stores and gas stations who hold signs asking for food or money. Sadly not stopping to give them what they need because you don’t what they’ll use it for. Also seeing some of the homeless people have their dogs with them due to no where to put them or having an emotional attachment to the animal.There are varying perspectives on poverty. Such as it isn’t important, the people got themselves into the situation, or not all people you see on the streets are poor. But there are actual people who need help. This problem can be helped by people volunteering and people can donate to organizations.

So please Future President I ask that you acknowledge the situation. Help out the people in need. Make everyone aware of the problem that’s going unnoticed. The people need your help.


Patience Williams



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