Amy T. California

Terminating Drug Abuse in America

Over 40,000 Americans have died due to drug abuse in the last three years. Let's put an end to that.

Dear Future President, 

Drugs are typically used to alleviate any pain that is inflicted on a person. However, there are news reports regarding heroin overdose, Xanax in the hands of teenagers, and unlicensed distribution of drugs every day. This is a huge problem because not only does it affect the user in severe,deathly ways, it has a tremendous impact on others around them as well. 

I recently came across an article with the caption, "parents [opioids overdose] overdosing in their car with four-year old boy in the backseat." The photos that were attached to the article were sickening and a sense of anger raged inside of me as I thought: how could these "adults" be so ignorant and inflict any harm on their own child? Why did they choose to bear child if they themselves do not know right from wrong? What parent would have the heart to do this? After my vexation began to calm, I started thinking of reasons that led to their decisions on taking the drug. Were the parents stressed due to finances?- Well, maybe they shouldn't spend their money on drugs then. Do the parents have serious addiction problems that make it hard for them to cope without taking the drug? Maybe they should ask for guidance at local clinics for the sake of their four-year old son. Does it make the parents feel relaxed and happy on drugs? They could always exercise, which is one way to loosen up, and become healthy! (That's a win-win situation! Exercising to loosen up and become fit as an outcome!) I thought on and on about possible situations and there was always a solution and one conclusion which is that drugs lead to poor decisions. 

People who take drugs are constantly relying on it in order to cope due to their extreme addiction because, in most cases, once you try it once, you will try it again. I know of an adult who uses Xanax in order to cope with anxiety. She relies on it often, and the worst part is that she has children that are only in elementary school. There are often times when this adult I know of would collapse on the floor due to overdose. There are two problems with this. One, she has a serious addiction and it oftentimes leads her to faulty choices and two, her children can easily obtain the Xanax pills. Think of the chance that her children will think it's candy and pass it on to their friends. Therefore, consuming drugs have negative effects not only on the individual, but on those who are around them as well. 

Overall, drugs should be terminated in America due to the risks it has on the individual and the people around them. It holds a huge risk for the person taking the drug and also to the person that is giving out the drugs. If you are passing out drugs illegally, then you are responsible for the possible death of a person. "It's their fault for choosing to buy it!" Well, it is also your fault for choosing wrong and selling it to them when you could have prevented a possible death. To avoid all that, let's terminate drugs.