rwong6825 Illinois


Homelessness is an issue to be taken care of.

Dear Future President,

      I’m writing to you as a middle-schooler that is very concerned about homelessness. Homelessness is such a big problem here, especially in big cities, such as, Portland, Chicago, and New York. It surprises me so much how bad it’s gotten. There are 633,782 people experiencing homelessness on any given night in the U.S, 22.1% are children, 13% are veterans, and 42.6% are disabled and unable to work. I am currently living in Chicago, and when my parents drive around, on average, I see 2 homeless people every 3 minutes. Is this a joke? We can’t just sit around letting this happen. This isn’t something to just ignore. With your help, we can stop this from happening to people.

      Imagine how many people are just layed out there to die. They have no help, no food, and no care. Will I tolerate this? NO! This is a matter to be destroyed! This will come to an end, without you, this is completely impossible. SO, please take some of your time to think about this. We should be setting up places for them to come to for food, water, and shelter. We should also use some of the tax money to give to the less fortunate, because we have the money, but we aren’t using it. If you still aren’t convinced, think about this. Would you enjoy that every day, you’d need to go to a dumpster instead of a buffet? Would you enjoy sleeping on a rock instead of a nice soft bed? Would you enjoy a life without technology? NO! This is the everyday life of homeless people.

      This is the cause that i’m standing up for this. Because it’s right. Because it’s thoughtful. Because it’s kind. So, please take your time to address this issue. It’s time to step up, and do whats right for a president to do. These are the types of politicians that people want to vote for. A president that addresses public issues, cares for the society, and makes the world a better place. By following this request, you will meet all these standards, and be an amazing next president.


Raymond Wong