Garrett S. Iowa

Refuse to Let Them In

We should not let people that we don't know into our country.

Do you want to watch your country be destroyed, bombed, shot up? I hope that you don’t. We need to stop letting these people coming from Iraq, or Iran, or wherever they come from over there into our country. It seems to me that these people do nothing for us except harm us. All over the news there are these people that come from over there, shooting, bombing, and killing us. So why do we not refuse to let them into our country.

The events that happened on 9/11 was the worst terrorist attack that we have ever encountered. Lives stolen, destroyed right in front of our faces. They chose to highjack four separate airplanes, with Americans on board, and suicide bomb them right into the World Trade Centers. Two towers, full of people just trying to have a normal day at their jobs. What do we do years later, let them right into our country again, and just let them stay here like nothing ever happened. This needs to stop, we need to force them out of our country and stop letting them come in. tells it better that I could explain, but this is my viewpoint.

We do not know these people. We have no idea what they are capable or or what their intentions of coming here are. Yes, I know that there are good people over there, just like us. But also, I am saying that there are people over there that are just like the people that bombed the World Trade Centers. People over there that just want to destroy us. Yet, we know this, our leaders of this country know this, and still don’t seem to be doing anything about it.

So I say, “Let’s actually make a change. Stop letting those people come over here to our country. Also, let’s get rid of all of the Iraq, Iran, etc. people out of our country. Because we don’t know if they are just in our country for orders. To wait for a signal to bomb us, or hurt out country in more sinister ways. For you, Mr. or Mrs. President, this needs to change, and I think that this is the best way to handle this.