Illegal Immigration

Dear Future President, My name is Bobby, and I am an eighth grade student at a school in Cleveland, Ohio. You know that illegal immigration is a serious problem in our country. The majority of illegal immigrants come from Mexico wanting to get more money and be free in an illegal manner, and matter of fact around 59% of the illegal immigrant population are Hispanic ( The rest are terrorists, refugees, or other groups. If you want America to have maximum protection, we must have better security at our borders. A security impediment, will make our whole country safer, prevent the risk of war, and stop illegal immigration from happening. You may be wondering about legal immigrants, and if they should be allowed in? Of course they should be, if they don’t violate the border control and they are willing to become citizens. In 2014, there were 11.5 million illegal immigrants in America. According to Pew Research, the population of illegals have declined throughout the past years. This doesn't mean we don’t need more protection. If the next president doesn't do anything to our borders, illegal immigrants may take this as an even greater opportunity to cross the border into America. The Numbers could incline, and before you know it, there are illegal immigrants overpopulating America, selling drugs, or committing crimes. Terrorist groups like ISIS could find themselves coming into America and killing innocent people. Worse of all, war could happen. North Korea or the Middle East can attack us due to our lack of protection on the border. This is a deliberate problem that must be to stopped. Luckily, it can be. Our technology here in America is better than any other country. We have many technical advancements that can stop illegal immigration first hand. Look at the barrier in San Diego that extends inland from the Pacific Ocean. It’s a double layered fence that can stop anyone trying to enter. Just the infrastructure alone are by no means enough to stop illegal crossings, but the technology behind it is what makes it nearly impossible. Also, when you have a security system like this, you need fewer security guards for the job( If we install this kind of excellent security, we can make America safe from outsiders. In doing so, we can still make sure legal immigrants are allowed in. They will always be welcomed. As a president, you will hopefully make sure America is as safe as it can be. If you do built a security fence or a wall, don’t have Mexico pay for it. It’s not their fault. It should be our fault. We were the ones who gave illegal Mexican immigrants the opportunity to come in. If we had better security, it would have never happened. For us to be safe, we must have closed borders. I, myself have experienced the threat of illegal immigration first hand. My Aunt experienced it greater. Last year, my Aunt’s Aunt was killed by an illegal immigrant. He had broken in a week before, and one of the border control officers, for some reason let him cross the border. He bought a gun, walked right into her house, shot her, and took all of her money. After he killed her, he was then arrested and was put in jail. At the funeral, I kept on blaming Obama that he hadn’t had more security for this country. If we had a wall, or fence, it never would have happened. It breaks my heart to think about it this way, and how she never should of died. Do want more crimes like this to happen, or do you want illegal immigration to stop? You choose. Sincerely Yours, Bobby