Cameron C. Michigan

Racial Inequality

Letter to the next president about racial Inequality

Dear Future President,

Over the years, minorities have obtained more rights. However, minorities still don’t “have” all of their rights. They don’t get paid the same, they are highly discriminated, and they don’t have access to benefits we do. Even though organizations have been created to help with this, they have little to no impact on this problem. We need to develop some sort of law/policy that can help solve this issue.

Racial equality needs to be addressed because of how minorities are being discriminated in the workplace. As times have changed from slavery to “free men”, minorities still don’t have the same rights we do, and are discriminated when looking for work, especially during the application process. In “Racial discrimination in medicine: equity for patients is unlikely if we don’t treat doctors fairly” written by Kwame J. McKenzie, she describes statistics on the acceptance rates of applicants. She explains, “McManus et al studied nearly 7000 students who applied to one of the five chosen medical schools in 1991 and showed that similarly qualified applicants from minority ethnic groups were 46 times more likely to be rejected than their white peers”. Because of discrimination, minorities are more likely to be rejected than accepted, which is not fair for the rights they’re given. This is similar to how minorities are having trouble receiving voting rights even though they’re eligible for it.

All citizens of the US of age 18 and over can sign up for voting rights. However, some problems with the application system won’t give everyone who signed up their rights. In “The Broken US Voting System is an Assault on Voting Rights” from Opposing Viewpoints in Context, the article describes how this problem isn’t the first time this has happened. Explaining, “The tragedy is that these problems are not new. The deficiencies in our election system became painfully obvious following the 2000 Pres. election, when Americans witnessed in Florida how administrative blunders can undermine voting rights and have such consequential implications”. Because of our bugged voting system, minorities can’t get the voting rights they deserve. This proves that although the government has tried to improve racial equality, we should create a better law/policy for racial equality.

The government has tried to improve racial equality, but little to no force has actually been applied. This should have been solved years ago, however no one really bothered with it. Minorities have their rights but they’re not really treated like it, as if they’re not even there. That’s why, future president, we need a new law/policy that will truly show that everyone is equal.