Brady D. Michigan

Police Are Getting Out of Hand

There are too many situations where police act before they should and they need to be able to make the right judgements.

Dear President,

Police aren’t always on your side. For all the good that they do for people, there are many times where it’s the complete opposite and people have to go through that. The normal cop shows up to the scene, asks for information and then proceeds with why they were called. There have been a few cases that have recently started up a corruption in the police reputation. Police are showing up and acting as soon as the car door closes and it’s getting to the point that innocent people are being taken as victims. Because of how police handle situations by acting before knowing, the government and people should work together to have police brutality rates lowered.

To begin, being a police officer is a go, go, go job and they always need to be on alert but they also have to know what the aftermath of it is going to be. All police are different, yes, but there are many similar characteristics to them. As they show up to the spot of the crime, some take situation calmly while others are ready to shoot. In Charlotte, Mr. Keith Scott was at the spot of an accident that called for police assistance. Scott didn’t start anything, he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. The police acted too quickly and started up all the violence. In the article “Where to Go From the Anger in Charlotte” by Charles H. Ramsey, it states “Mr. Scott was holding a book, not a gun when he was shot by the police.” The police were doing their job by being alert but they didn’t look closely enough and they made the move to take shots. Scott didn’t put anyone in danger. The only person that who was in danger was himself, and it was the police who caused that. When someone is shot,regardless of who it is, all of their friends and families are going to be effected. The police don’t take that into any consideration as they are in the moment, actions like this are why police have to really stop and think.

Secondly, police don’t always right away, sometimes they are just violent and get physical. There was a man who was out with his friends at a party where there had been women at. As he was there, he was just enjoying time with his friends and wasn’t doing anything to any woman who was there. There were also white police officers who weren’t on duty at this party who felt intimidated by the group of guys who were there and it go to a point where the police cracked and took matters into their own hands. Just like most of the other acts done by police, the group of men were all black and from an interview a bystander, who was also black, had said that as soon as the group walked in, the police officers started to act differently. In the article “In Milwaukee, Calls to 911 Fell After Case of Police Violence” by Quoctrung Bui states “A biracial man at a party had been beaten by several white off-duty officers also in attendance.¨ The first thought that comes to many minds is why were the police spending their off time at a public party? There are so many things that could go wrong. Due to the fact that it was a colored man who was there, police might've looked at him differently and didn't think the whole thing through. Taking it a step up, police have done more than just beating suspects for crimes that they didn't commit. In downtown Manhattan, New York, police once again went too far and went after a man who was at the scene. There was a group of black men standing outside of a hotel who were getting police attention with yelling and throwing objects. James Blake, a civilian who was just passing the hotel at the wrong time when things were starting up. The mayor of the city took a lot of heat for this accident because of how the police reacted. They threw Mr. Blake into the group and ended up going after him. In the article ¨Episode Highlights Mayors Challenges” it states ¨A black man was tackled to the ground and handcuffed by police officers for an offense, it turned out, he did not commit.” Out of everyone that could've been arrested, the police took the time to arrest a man for no reason. Taking everything into consideration, just because of the manś skin color is an automatic draw into the crime.

Aside from all of the negatives, police do help out communities in many ways. The media only shows the bad. Police are there to stop the drunk driver that could kill you, they are there to stop the guy that’s about to break into your home, and they are there to protect you and everyone around you. It’s a shame that they are only judged on what they do wrong rather than how they are helping everyone. It’s hard to be a police officer in this day in age but they make the sacrifice for us.

As you can see from the evidence above, police don't look at the whole picture when they're at the scene. Innocent people are just going about their days and next thing they know, they're in handcuffs or in some cases, shot. The police in America should be going through higher class training that will prepare them better and not put innocent lives in danger.

Thank you for your time and good luck in office,

Brady D.