Aaron J. Georgia



Dear future president

Illegal immigration is a problem that the United States of America faces every day. Communities and families are affected from illegal immigration. I believe that you as future president can help end illegal immigration. There are many reasons why illegal immigration must end.

Illegal immigration has been a tremendous problem in the U.S for decades. There are an estimated forty one million immigrants in America. Most of the immigrants are legal, but some are not. Millions of immigrants cross the border illegally. Eleven millions of those immigrants are illegal. According to cairco.org seven hundred thousand illegal immigrants enter the United States every year. This is not fair for the thirty million immigrants who do the right thing and wait for citizenship. These criminals must be stopped!

There are many ways you can help end illegal immigration. One way is to make our borders stronger. It is too easy for people to cross over the border illegally. If we make it more secure then we will get less illegal immigrants. We need to especially tighten up security on our Mexican border. Fifty two percent of illegal immigrants are from Mexico. In 2014 there were 5.8 million illegal immigrants living in the U.S. The United States of America is the number one destination for immigrants. I believe that you as our future president can change this.

Immigration itself is a problem. Illegal immigration is ruining our economy. Many jobs are stolen from Americans every day. Illegal immigrants bring drugs over the border in to the U.S. Millions of pounds of drugs are brought from Mexico annually, most by illegal immigrants. Many gangs across the border are full of illegal immigrants. Most illegal immigrants also commit crimes. They don’t pay their taxes and some are rapists. These illegal immigrants are not only ruining our economy, but they are ruining our country’s values.

Illegal immigration is destroying our county. Communities and families are affected every day because of illegal immigration. We must end immigration and illegal immigration. I believe that you as future president will make this one of your top priorities.

By Aaron