igzandra Wisconsin


Dear,2016 President

                Killing a child that has not been born yet is wrong just imagine that was you there are 1.21 million abortion every year. There are many reasons why people get abortions but I think that abortion laws should be stronger. You know 1% of abortions is to rape 6% is to health problems with the mother or the child. Lastly, the 93% is to social reason such as child is unwanted also by not having a lot of money,etc. I would understand why you would get abortion to rape and health problems. But if the person is getting an abortion because the person doesn't want to have a baby is so careless and so selfish . Also people with less income tend to have more abortion. Also ages 20-24 also tend to have more abortions than any ages. Also marriage matters 66% of abortion is to non- married women. Next,18% is to married women and 9.5% is to divorced women. I think that you should make a test for abortions asking question like why would like an abortion and more. I hope you do something about it because this is not okay. Just killing baby that have not discover the world yet. The child will never have it's first day of school to the first time graduating and what if this child was going to be successful at life? Anyways thank you president that you readed this paper. 

Sincerely, Igzy Del Camino