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We need to fix homeless problems.

  Dear Future President,

 Homelessness in the world is a major issue and has been since the early 1980s. We as a hole need to help homeless people get jobs or even homes by starting donations. We need to lower the amount of homeless people in the world.

There are too many homeless people throughout the world. According to the U.S. Department of housing and urban Development (HUD). The number of homeless people in t America in 2015 was 564,708. I think we should start a donation program where people give money to help homeless people find jobs and/or housing.

There are too many hungry people who can’t pay for food or anything in that matter. I think no one should starve because of their poor decisions in the past. I think we need more food drives because some people live where there aren’t any so they can’t eat. There are many ways to make money for homeless people. We and by We I mean everyone in the world rich or poor need to give a little money to the homeless.

There are too many homeless kids out there. Individual adults were found to make a large majority of the overall homeless population, while children under the age of eighteen were found to account for around twenty-three present while families account for around thirty six present. This means there are many homeless families out there with kids of all ages. I mean its bad enough have homeless adults but we also have homeless kids.

If we stop the homeless population from going up this world would be a better place. Take in my statements and work to end homelessness.