Juan Missouri

Killer clowns IT the clown

This is about Killer clowns that kidnapped children and hope to stop them.

Dear President,

 I hope that we stop these clowns. Killer clowns are in the u.s in parking lots and the woods, clowns love to bring you down they take you to the woods and they kill you , there are clowns in the U.S that have a mind of there own and we can’t stop them from killing people it makes me think that clowns are not good no more they have kill people in states like Texas and New York like others and they have kidnapped children.

I think that these clowns are doing this because the movie that came out in 1990 the clowns are following them , so how can we stop these clowns from killing people there getting tired of these clowns doing this.

Well Halloween is over the clowns are going to stop killing people and kidnapping children clowns were going to make the movie the purge and I don’t know if the police are doing some thing protect the people from the clowns and these clowns love to walk at midnight waiting in the woods or a other place waiting for some person to walk or drive to the woods so they kill them.

Kids are scared of clowns so they don’t want clowns at there birthday party anymore people are buying guns for these clowns if they jump out from the woods, most of these clowns chase you or some of them shoot you there are clowns on the new about there spot it in the woods most of these clowns are spot in the middle of the united states that were most of the clowns are at.

Clowns stand by the street and they are holding some balloons and some people stop and get out there car and they beat up the clowns and we hope that we can stop these clowns and so they don’t kill no more people.

Clowns always bring you down they take you to the woods, and kill you clowns love to make people laugh clowns love to give hugs clowns , clowns go away clowns, clowns walk at night scary people all the night there is a clowns knocking at my front door keep knocking at my door clowns love to chase you and kill you.

Thank you Mr or Ms.President for taking your time in reading my paper and I wish that you are a good President and hope that you can stop clowns from killing people and kidnapping children.



Frontier STEM High School


The best first block class in the world. Yessir!!!

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