Christian G. Texas

Free College Tuition

Students are in debt and are worried because they can"t pay it.

Dear future president of the united states ,

Imagine a world where no one had to pay for college and all their debt was payed off. Imagine a world where you don't have to worry about paying the college fees. There should be no college pay and there should be free colleges across the U.S.

People today have to worry about paying their debt because college is too expensive, and they don't have enough money to pay for it. The students don't have a enough income and not all parents have enough money for their child to go to college.“In college-educated households, the median income is roughly the same, regardless of whether the household head has outstanding student debt. And it is nearly twice the income of households whose head does not have a bachelor’s degree”.( 5 key finding about student debt) The students today in our world should not have to worry about paying for college it should be about the the grades and the education.

It is much harder for students to pay for their loans and debts off because it is harder to find jobs for people to get that much money to pay off all their debt and still have a place to live. Most people that went to college are not in college anymore because it was way too expensive and are still paying the debt that they still owe from when they were at college.“48% of students who took out college loans and are no longer in school say repaying the debt has made it harder to make ends meet. 71% of adults say it’s harder for today’s young people to pay for college than it was for their parents’ generation.”( College graduation) The families that have students that go to college shouldn't have to be in debt because of paying for college. This is why college should be free.

One suggestion is that the government helps pay for college. This would give hard working students that can’t afford college a chance to be successful and have a bright future.. The college students should not have to worry about doing more hard work to help pay the colleges for going to school. They should just get it for free. The government should use the taxes that we have to pay to go towards the college tuition so the college students don't have to pay for it.” While taxpayers would carry the burden initially, government support of a college education can help eliminate the need for welfare. It can also help reduce the levels of family or class-related poverty. Children of college graduates typically attend college. The average family cannot afford the constantly rising cost of college unless the parents themselves are college graduates.” ( 5 reasons i don't support College) If the government payed for colleges most families in america would not be in debt today.

In Conclusion, I think that free college education in the United States will benefit our country. Also it would keep a lot of people out of debt and and help then with the financial situation. The students don't have to worry about working to get enough money to pay for their college. So they can focus on their school work and continue to get good grades. If the government decides to implement free colleges , the world would would be better place and we wouldn't have young adults in so much economic difficulties.

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