Oscar F. Georgia

Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration is a big problem in the United States, and it needs to stop!

Dear Mr. or Mrs. President,

Did you know that there are about 12 million illegal immigrants in the United States? That number is rapidly rising and eventually, it will be out of control. We won’t have the resources to support them and they have the potential to ruin our country. We need to stop illegal immigration as fast as possible. They can impact the United States on a large scale and should definitely be dealt with.

The illegal aliens get more resources from the government than many tax paying citizens. It needs to stop! Citizens abide the law and law breaking aliens are rewarded instead. Soon, the illegals will tear this country apart is action is not taken. Most need medical care when they arrive, but that puts many hospitals out of business as they can’t pay for the services they receive. Soon, many other things besides hospitals will be shut down. Most of them don’t even pay taxes! Those who do pay it with a job, which causes a whole different problem. Almost all of them easily get a job due to employers wanting low wage workers. This slowly closes the door for opportunities and eventually, there won’t be any vacant work positions. This is unfair to the citizens who have done nothing wrong, unlike the illegal aliens who illegally cross the border. A large percentage of illegals are involved in criminal activities, putting our safety at risk. We must remember that not all illegal aliens come looking for jobs, as many are involved in drug trafficking. Many of us know of these risks, but we still welcome these possible criminals with open arms. To make matters worse, these illegals can affect others all over the world! We allow illegal immigrants to become citizens within a few years of crossing the border, but those who legally immigrate must wait several years. The aliens impact almost everything in our lives and they aren’t showing any sign of slowing down.

According to ProCon.org, the number of illegals is increasing at a rapid pace, yet there is a large number of ways it can be fixed. The illegal aliens are passing through the border, so instead of letting them, we need to strengthen the border. Border security should be strengthened and the use of armed forces should be allowed. Removing benefits from them and making it hard for them to stay in the United States may reduce illegal immigration and may even lead to many illegals to leave on their own. Although most aren’t really doing anything wrong by looking for new opportunities, they are still breaking the law. Doing something illegally is a crime and this isn’t an exception. They impact big parts of our lives but the current government does nothing about it, despite the simple solutions to this. These solutions may be the key to removing the illegal aliens from our country.

Mr. or Mrs. President, please deal with this issue as soon as possible. The number of illegals are rising and needs to be dealt with. Illegal immigrants impact our way of life, society, and safety. America is depending on you to make the right decision.


Oscar F.