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People are not aware of the frequency of suicide.

Dear Future President,

There are lots of problems in the world and lots of deaths occurring. But I think that people are not aware of the deaths that are happening to teens, especially the teens that are committing suicide. From the ages 15-to-34 years old, suicide is the third leading cause of death, even though we are not aware of those deaths until it happens to someone we love.

Bullying is a big part on the happening of suicidal deaths. Usually when people are bullied they don't have anyone to talk to, so they get frustrated and don't want to tolerate the feelings of hopelessness and helplessness, for they take their lives away in one of the worst ways. According to Opposing Viewpoints-School Bullying is Related to Mental Illness and Suicide; bullying is a risk factor to youth with regards to suicide. Also any involvement with bullying behavior is just one stressor that may contribute to the feelings that people have when they are thinking of attempting suicide. If you see anyone feeling this way you should try to help them because they more than likely have no one to talk to and are experiencing the feelings of hopelessness and helplessness.

There are many feelings that go into the causes of suicide. Some of the biggest effects are emotional distress, exposure to violence, family conflict, relationship problems, alcohol and drug use, lack of access to resources/support, physical disabilities/learning differences, etc. These are just some of many ways teens are affected by for them to want to take their lives away. According to the source Newspaper Archive-Increase in Suicide a Sigh of the Times, Mr. Bredlow said that people are “inadequate” as human beings. He said that they can't cope with the pressures and problems, and then their self esteem rises and falls continually. What he is trying to say is that people/teens can’t handle the problems and pressures in life so they either feel super good or superbad about themselves. Also the student risks for suicide related behavior might be reduced if they experienced “protective factors,” like family support, or emotional well being, or strong relationships; these are ways to weaken the increase of suicidal deaths.

This past summer one of my friend’s best friend’s mom past away by committing suicide. Even though I didn't even know her, I was still affected by the fact of her death. A month before her death she got a divorce with her husband and didn’t get to see her daughter a lot. I was affected by this because although I never met her or even her daughter, my friend was affected by this so much, she passed her sympathy to me. This just shows that one suicidal death can affect so many people around you even if you weren't close to that person.

There are many causes of death, and suicide is one of many that is significant. But people are not aware of the suicidal deaths taking place in our country. If you see a person who needs help, help them because the U.S is a place of well being and kindness to others. Not a place where people should choose to take their lives away.