Shaun New York

Discrimination: Is it necessary?

This letter is for our next President, in order to change our economy for the better.

Dear President,

Hello.  My name is Shaun Carter and attend Repertory Company for Theatre Arts. I am writing this letter to you regarding the economics problems that we must solve and the problem of discrimination against African Americans today.  I am a young black male and I do not feel safe with the police around all the time.  As a young black male, I feel that when I go outside, black males feel as if there is a target on our backs. Innocent African Americans have been killed by police brutality and we cannot defend ourselves.  Because if we do, we are automatically dangerous and acting against the cops. Over the years, innocent black people - Akiel Denkins, 24, Gregory Gunn, 58, Samuel DuBose, 43, Brendon Glenn, 29, Freddie Gray, 25, Natasha McKenna, 37, Walter Scott, 50, and Christian Taylor, 19 - were innocent African Americans that were killed by police.  I want you make sure that discrimination will not happen against African Americans so we can have equality between our society.  I also want to know that African Americans will have the same equality as white people when it comes to jobs and businesses.  White people have more opportunities in the United States than Black people. Companies and businesses are run and controlled  by white people.  Even in 2016, it is rare that African Americans are in similar places of authority.  Why is this the case?  How can this be changed?  As President, I urge you to inspire changes to legislation and model for our nation how to be more inclusive of others so that equality truly exists in the United States.


Shaun Carter

Repertory Company High School

Period 5

Letters to our Future President

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