Camille T.

Global Warming

Clean Energy!

Dear Mr./Madame President,

Although people deny its existence, climate change, a current international issue increasing the average temperature of the earth, also known as global warming, caused by the extensive emission of greenhouse gases, negatively effects the environment. Therefore, proving the vitality of government actions promoting the use of clean energy in order to preserve the planet.

Many factors cause climate change, including changes in the amount of sun reaching the earth, changes in how much heat the earth absorbs, and changes in the reflectivity of Earth’s atmosphere and surface. Climate change, a commonly ignored problem, drastically changes the earth’s surface and atmosphere over time. Certain states, Louisiana as an example, continue to deny the existence of global warming regardless of its side effects to the prosperity of the earth. Global Warming continues to destroy the world’s natural resources, and national government interference can save the planet from further destruction.

The negative effects to the environment due to climate change results in damage to coastal regions and coral reefs. Because of increasing temperatures of the earth, the polar ice caps and glaciers melt, leading to the rise of global water levels. Increasing water levels cause an increase in soil erosion in coastal areas. As the temperature of the atmosphere increases, so does the ocean, which causes coral bleaching. During coral bleaching, coral reefs lose their color and die. Warmer air temperatures raise water levels, which harms nature on a world-wide scale.

The problem regarding global warming needs a government-enforced solution. The government should enforce the use of clean energy sources and discourage the use of fossil fuels and greenhouse gases. Although using renewable energy sources reaches expensive prices, it should be an easy price to pay for the survival of the earth. Clean energy sources such as solar energy, wind energy, and hydropower provide an environmentally safe way to preserve the earth, while slowing the increase in temperature of the earth caused by non-renewable sources of energy. If the national government creates laws to limit the use of non-renewable energy sources, and that promote clean energy usage, the emission of greenhouse gases will decrease and so will the issue of global warming.

Global warming creates problems with the environment that the government can fix by writing a bill to advocate towards the use of renewable energy sources, while advocating against the denial of global warming and the mass emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.