Valerie Q. Georgia

Through Our Eyes

There has been a recent uproar over racial profiling.

Dear President,

The time to stop racial profiling is way overdue. It’s about time that we hold police officers and other law officials accountable for their actions towards the minorities. You need to help reduce the amount of racial profiling that’s happening in the U.S. during your time in office.

Racial profiling has become a big issue over the years. It can end up getting innocent people harmed, thrown in prison, or even killed. Racial profiling is when someone finds another person suspicious because of their race, ethnicity, or religion. For example, a Muslim might be pulled to the side for additional screening at an airport, or an African American man might be followed through a store because someone thought he looked suspicious. This can be very humiliating for some individuals.

Many people argue that racial profiling is a good way to help reduce crime, but according to the supreme court, racial profiling violates the 4th and 14th amendment. These acts can be avoided by simply not targeting people because of their race and start treating every individual equally.

More examples of racial profiling is that my mom was rushing to the hospital with my pregnant cousin in the back, and was pulled over by a cop. The cop yelled at her telling her to get out of the car with her hands behind her back, but they let her go because there was a pregnant lady in the car.

Racial profiling has gotten innocent people killed or thrown in jail because of their race, and it needs to stop. Take some time to think about this and how dangerous it is through the eyes of the minorities affected by racial profiling.


Valerie Q.