Erica B. Iowa

Education System

America's education system is going downhill, and we need to do something about it.

Dear Future President,

Education is the foundation of our country, however it is also a large problem. Some people would consider America’s education system “broken.” It seems as if we have not tried to make any improvements in the past couple decades. Sure, we have newer textbooks with the newest information, but does that really help us?

When teaching kids to solve an issue or problem, they teach us how to solve it in a certain way. They tell us it can only be solved in that way. By doing this, it is destroying our creativity by telling us any other way is wrong. Creativity is actually what solves most of the world's problems, so why do they teach us it can only be done one way? We are destroying our future little by little each and everyday.

Also, students learn at different paces, some faster than others. Those students who learn faster and tend to understand things easily are not finding their true potential when teachers have to make things easier for those who may not understand so easily. The education system is limiting those students who have the ability to do what is beyond required. Every child is unique and their individual education should be too.

If no improvements are made to America’s education system soon, it could go downhill pretty fast. More and more students are losing interest in school, and if this keeps up, very few people of our generation will be prepared for the future. School systems and the way they function must change to make it more enjoyable and productive for everyone.

Erica B., 10th grade

Panorama High School