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Is the education system being unfair?

Why is it that the education system should be getting better, but efforts to improve it result in it being more corrupted as generations pass? These may be the reason why education system is turning out this way.

Dear Future President,

As you know today in our generation our education system has not been the best over the past couple of years. As it should be getting better with children getting filled with rich knowledge, I would believe that it is getting worse and more corrupted. Sadly, the truth is is that schools main prize and main focus turns out to be the test scores that students receive rather than critical thinking and literacy. People in America are struggling with the education system and never has it changed to be a better system as you future president would also know as well. The education system has turned biased.

A problem that is being addressed today is that being Asian is a penalty and Ivy league schools are making it harder for Asian Americans to get into top colleges. Ivy league schools say that it is because they want to create a diverse community school in the schools. Because of the desired diversity, Asians had to score 140 more points on the SATs than white students, 270 more points than Hispanics, and 450 more points than African Americans. Another problem that stands out in the corrupted education system is that, if someone wanted to be at a high ended career for example a Doctor they would have to take more classes for a long time which would mean more money needed to be spent. If wanting to be someone high up there it all tends to come down to money. Whether they have the money or not. If they have the money that they spend for their high ended career then good for you. However if a low income person wants a high end career, what about them? Will they have a chance to fulfill their dreams?

People around me are struggling because of the problems that we have in our corrupted education system today. From personal experience I see smart and eligible people who send their college application to Ivy League schools yet they do not get accepted because they are Asian. Why is it that because those Ivy League schools or any schools have to make that person one less step away from where they want to be just because those schools want diversity? Are we all not human and all equal? My college friends worked so hard to get into their their dream school, but got rejected because the school wanted to have a “better” image of them being so diverse.

Please future president, we need your help by making more organizations to help students who are being judged by their race and students who have to pay more money depending on what career they want to succeed in. We are so blind in this world and do not realize how capable people are to make a great difference in this world but can not do so because of these unfair actions. To make a difference a better difference is in your hands future president. Anything that has to change has to start somewhere.



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