Ana V. Virginia

Age For Buying Cigarettes

It should be illegal to buy cigarettes at age 18, and the legal age should be 21.

To the president of the United States, I am Ana Vargas from El Salvador. I am 17 years old, and live in Virginia. I want to talk you about the age for buying cigarettes. I think the age for buying cigarettes should be at age 21, because at the age 18 is too young for be buying cigarettes. It should be illegal to buy cigarettes at age 18 because that is an addiction that most of the people cannot get rid of. 

I did some research and 5.6 million of today's Americans younger than 18 will die earlier. There are too many people smoking. Mostly they are parents and they start giving the smoke to the little kids because they smoke in front of them. So kids start to get use to it and want to smoke when they get older. 

Parents are the one that should give the example to not smoke cigarettes or other things. Parents should stop smoking for their kids and guide them to the good. This would be the best solution because if all parents that smoke in front of their kids and all of that should stop it and and teach them good. Thank you for having the time to read my letter future president. And I hope this would be legal that only 21 year old people can get cigarettes.