Scott G. - Louisville, KY Kentucky

Marriage Equality

Marriage Equality is a bit of a touchy subject, but is it really a bad thing?

Dear Future President,

Marriage equality is a bit of a touchy subject to some people, but is it really a bad thing? I certainly know I think that Marriage Equality is extremely important and necessary in this country. So please next president makes sure that Marriage Equality is real and has no loopholes. So why do I think that Marriage Equality is so important? Here are the reasons why.

My first reason is that everybody guy or girl deserves to have the right to marry anyone they like. This could be between a 2 guys or 2 girls or any other combination out there. One example would be if 2 gay men go to get a marriage license, but the person in charge wont give them one. This should never happen and is a prime example of how we as Americans deserve the right to marriage. This is one of the reasons we need marriage equality.

Another reason is that it can have effects on children. There are many LGBTQA children who don’t want to come out for fear of being judged. This usually happens because a child will often see some sort of news story about a LGBTQA couple who tried to get married but ended up getting some sort of fowl. Any child in America should feel comfortable and proud of their sexuality. We need marriage equality to help kids feel great.

The final reason is that a lot of LGBTQA people in the world can make a huge difference in our society. I mean just think about some celebrity’s who are LGBTQA who have made a difference in the world. For example, Ellen DeGeneres is a very popular talk show host who can change a lot of people’s perspective on things. Its these sort of people who make big changes in our society and they deserve to have the right of marriage. Marriage Equality is important because some of the people in the LGBTQA community who have a strong voice should be able to get the right of marriage. (This still goes for all members of the LGBTQA community.)

So to recap, anyone should be able to marry anyone they would like to. So next president I hope that you give everyone the same marriage rights so everyone can be equal. This is important because it is a basic idea, it can influence children, and can make a difference in our society. So I guess what I am trying to say is that everyone should be able to love who they love without judgment. Marriage equality is extremely important and is just what we need in this country.