Trenton Wisconsin

Animal testing for the worse!

Dear Future President, Animals are living beings and have souls like us humans too and to also live their lives as they want to but is hard with the researchers testing on them. There are so many animals tortured through experiments and killed when gone wrong, one supporting reason for this is they are used for skin care products, vaccines, and comics with most of it failing on humans. About 26 million animals are tested on each year because of trying to find cures for diseases and to see if they are safe, but turn out bad on humans because there are still lots of differences. The rate of death/ attacks of monkeys are 140,000 died and 320,000 had heart attacks during the tests and just bring in another monkey to test on until the product actually works, but will most likely not work with humans.There eyes are also held open for about 3-4 days depending on how long it takes to perfect the material or until dies. Skin care products ingredients are used to see how it would react to humans until monkeys taking their place for people to be safe and not have a reaction to whatever it is. My opinion about this topic is I think we should stop animal cruelty with testings that hurt them a lot and should consider other test subjects like already dead corpses because it was alive and human at a time.

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