Greycie B. Missouri

The 3 A's: Abstinence, Abortion, and Adoption

My opinion on abstinence, abortion, and adoption.

Dear Future President, 

Did you know that 21% of pregnancies end in abortions? Over eighty percent of those are unplanned teen pregnancies. If you make the choice as a teen to have sex, then it is therefore your fault if you are impregnated. It is then your responsibility to care for the baby. 

 I am pro-life, but that comes with exceptions, of course. There is the situation of rape and incest, and then also if childbirth is a danger to the health of the mother, then abortion may be the best choice. With rape and incest, you might not want to keep the baby, but there is always the option of putting it up for adoption. There are about 135,000 adopted children each year. 

For teen pregnancies, I get it. Yes, being pregnant may alter your life plans, but very often the sex that caused the conception of the baby is had by choice. If you didn't want a baby, then you should have practiced abstinence. Having consensual sex and getting pregnant makes it your liability to care for the fetus until birth. When the child is born, just put it up for adoption of you don't think that you can care for it. 

Look at it this way: I am adopted. My biological parents put me up for adoption because they couldn't take care of me. If my biological mother had decided to abort me, I wouldn't even be here to write this. So please, consider adoption over abortion, and maybe abstinence over that.

Bode Middle School

3rd Hour

Ms. Clark's 3rd Hour

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