James B. Georgia

Racial Crimes

Racial problems have been going on all around the country. Unfair court trials. White on black crimes.

Dear President,

Imagine you and your family are going out to dinner. You get a call from your son saying he has gotten pulled over. Then you hear gunshots, bang bang. Then 10 minutes later you get a call from the ER. You hear your son has been shot to death by a police officer. Devastating, right?

Well this has been happening all over the country. There has been white on black crimes mainly. White cops killing innocent African Americans. One example of this happening is a man was driving his car and was pulled over by a white cop. The white cop asked to take out his license and registration and the man stated he had a gun. He then reached for his wallet and was shot five times in the chest. Was the white cop punished, no. he walked away with his job knowing he killed an innocent man.

One way we can solve this problem is better training. What I mean by that is do like annual training. Making cops know what to do in what condition. We could also do background checks. Making sure the cops can actually be a good cop. We can also make training or new cops go with more trained cops. So there won’t be these “accidents” again. We could also have a better court system. Making sure the jury and judge isn’t going to be biased.

Although most of these men were innocent, there have been some cases where they let the bad one get away. Some people should have been killed. But a man getting pulled over doesn’t seem like much of a reason to be shot. One way we can prevent the bad guys/gals getting away is having more than one cop in a car.

Please, you are the only one that can help with this problem. You can stop this racist crime. Please help our country get better.


James B.