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Animal Abuse

Animal cruelty needs to stop- and vegetarianism needs to start

Dear Madam or Mr. President,

The issue of animal cruelty is one that has risen to the point of obscenity, its severity not nearly being as realized as needed by most people. And while vegetarianism and veganism have been somewhat of a trend as of late, there is still so much that needs to be helped, or calamitous and devastating results will ensue. I am insisting that a change be made. Animals, like humans, are living things that have feelings, lives and families; so for us not to try to keep them from continuing to die in both the numbers and conditions that they do would simply be cruel.

It is no secret that America, as a whole, eats a lot of meat. A study by the National Public Radio, or npr, states that “Though meat consumption has dropped off slightly in recent years, at 270.7 pounds per year, we still eat more meat per person here than almost any other country on the planet.” This would not come as a surprise, but what is not known by most is the brutal reality of just how animals are slaughtered each year to sell that steak or hamburger on their plate. It is a common statistic that more than 50 billion animals are killed for food annually. Not to mention the agonizing conditions the cows, pigs, chickens, and numerous other types of farm animals are shoved into while on factory farms. Animals are confined in such tight spaces that they have no room to do anything other than stand up straight, let alone have even a chance for a good life, like they should be able to do but cannot. They are fed unnatural hormones and feed that not only are unacceptable for animals to eat, they risk the health of the humans that will eventually consume the animal. These animals are treated as products that exist for the sole purpose of the humans raising them to make money. This could be stopped if humans made an effort to reduce their meat consumption.

Besides providing animals with the rights they deserve, decreasing the amount of meat consumption could be a major step in the direction of helping the state of the environment. According to many studies, greenhouse gas emissions are caused more by livestock raising than all of the world’s cars, planes, and trains. Reducing meat consumption would also help to preserve valuable resources such as water, land, grains used for feed, as well as energy. Measures are being taken to combat climate change by managing energy used by vehicles, yet it is barely acknowledged that anyone can make a difference simply by cutting out meat and refusing to support these brutal industries that abuse animals.

In summary, Madam or Mr. President, I propose you raise awareness and take action to put this cruelty to an end. I cannot stand the thought of these animals continuing to suffer under the force of these merciless companies and factory farms. It will have disastrous effects on the planet, the animals, and us as humans. I hope you will diffuse these companies whose profits are their only concern. I also hope you will take into account the feelings of the animals as well as myself and the many others who feel the same way. I strongly feel that if more people were simply informed about the dreadful reality that is livestock raising, it could make a huge change for the better.


Daniella C.

Baker ELA


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