Savo V. Illinois

Edward Snowden stance and evidence

My stance on the edward snowden case and why he should not get the sentence that espionage gives you.

Edward Snowden

Dear Future President.

Have you ever heard of Edward Snowden? He’s the problem that i think should be addressed and fixed Problem that I see the United States facing right now is the Snowden case. The reason is that he is being charged with espionage which is punishable by death. I have a question for you what would you rather have; A device, (Phone etc.) where you had privacy, but you get hacked and all you need to do is take your eyes off the phone and turn the thing off it’s not a person, it’s an object. Or have a phone where you are being watched, tracked, and have no privacy? If you chose the second option, this letter should change your stance to the first option.

Edward Snowden was a former NSA agent who worked out of Hawaii. He isn’t an NSA employee anymore because he leaked up to 10000 of the NSA’s top secret surveillance documents. If you don’t know the law against this, it is called espionage. Espionage is similar to treason but it is to a larger extent (infiltrating and stealing). Edward Snowden is a very smart person, especially for a high school dropout. Snowden fled to Hong Kong after he leaked the documents where he knew the usa has no “say-so” over him. He is currently considered a criminal “at large” and I believe that that should be changed. He believes that if people are being watched (what he leaked) they should know. And I agree. He is doing what he and MANY people believe is what is right. Don’t you think that if you were being watched you would want to know?

In an interview with CNN, he said, "I'm willing to sacrifice everything that I have, including my freedom because I can't in good conscience allow the U.S. government to destroy privacy, Internet freedom and basic liberties for people around the world with this massive surveillance machine they're secretly building." He is doing what is right for the people of the United States and trying to make sure that people have the basic liberties that are promised to them as a citizen of the United States. He is a person who is willing to sacrifice everything that he has including his life in order to secure the freedom and privacy promised to us as citizens of the usa.

In conclusion, Edward snowden needs to have a sentence that isnt even a fraction of what the government says that it’s going to be. He sacrificed everything that he has in order to secure the privacy that people are promised by the government. But, the thing is, people are being watched by the government. This is an ILLEGAL invasion of privacy and needs to be stopped immediately. Thank you.

Please consider,

Savo Vujovic