HaoJian L. New York

Police Brutality

Dear Mister or Madam President

There has been many news through the year, but the one that caught my eyes was the police brutality. The police are suppose to be the one to protect us not hurt us. Who can we rely on if our shield are harming us. They were the model of the youth and the goal of many young  teenagers, but now they all fear them. They were suppose to use the power to protect us not the suppress or harm us. 

During this time it seem like more people are getting killed by the police than the people getting killed by terrorists and criminals. The one that is suppose to help us are now the biggest threat and fear to the people. Especially the African Americans, it seem like they are mostly the target by the police. I am not saying the African Americans are the only one getting harm and target by the police, many people are fear and harmed by the police but the black communities seem like the main target. There are many situations that when police pulls the African Americans drivers over its most likely to have a incident happen. There been news all over the internet about police brutally beat, shot and kill people during their "justice" action. 

Everyday on internet I always see videos of people getting killed by police. It was just too awful, I see people getting beat and kill. See that everyday help the hate of police grow day by day, I just don't understand why? Why? What is the point of those actions, they are now using those powers they obtain to make us fear and respect them instead of protecting us. When the citizens are yelling they can't breathe but the didn't care they just continue to beat them. There are also videos of police body slamming kids that didn't do anything, was there a point to the action? Now the police seem like the tyranny that are only trying to harm and make us respect them through fear. 

Police have killed 103 unarmed black people in 2015, there is no reason to kill them if they had no weapons. The stun gun is there for a reason, why do they have to pick the extremest way to deal with the situation. 103 black people in a year its pretty much every 3~4 days a man die. The black people are only 13% of the U.S population and about 37% of the people that were killed by the police are black. Think about it there are so little African Americans already and there is so many of them being kill what are the chances with that little population. Normally if they said it is by chances I wouldn't believe it, it seem more like a targeting. 

Therefore, I beg you please take actions, it's all up to you to solve this problem. If you are unwilling to take action, please think about the consequences. More people will be killed, it might led to a rebel or protest by the people and it might even led to a violent war. Please make it to a country that everyone will be proud of the police and set them as model. It is life we are talking about, I beg you please take this into your consideration.


Ken Lin

East-West School of International Studies

Government - 6th Period

EWSIS 12th Grade Government - Mr. Jacobson and Mr. Pierini

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