Zayd A. California

Muslim Immigrants

Muslim immigrants are not treated equally and are targeted for there race. For Example in Northern Afghanistan Muslims were killed in a mosque by Isis according to (The guardian)

 Dear Future President, Our future president should do something about it because this is not right. You should make a law stating that everyone including Muslim's should be treated equally.

Muslim Immigrants are not treated equally and are targeted for there race. It’s not right and America needs to do something about it. Muslim immigrants are being targeted for their race and are moving to America to protect their families and themselves. They are being targeted for their race and getting blamed by Isis. In Northern Afghanistan for example Muslims were killed at a mosque by Isis. Muslims are dying and losing their families because of their race and terrorism. They are getting blamed for all these things. They are moving to America because in these countries there are bad people such as Isis and Terrorists. All men and women should be treated equally. America is not an equalized place and they should be treated equally. There are young children out there who are losing their lives. America has to help them and do something about this. Muslims should be protected and be treated equally.

I totally disagree with people if they say I am wrong this is not just the evidence there's more evidence. All people should be treated equally and should be safe at all times. At the end of the day Mr/Mrs future president please treat all Muslim men and women equally.

(The Guardian)


Zayd A.

Diablo Vista Middle School

Zhebel - English 8

Zhebel - English 8

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