Megan Washington

LGBTQ+ Rights

Legalization of same sex marriage cannot be the last step we cannot end the issue when there are so many other problems about it out there. We deserve our basic human rights.

Dear Hillary Clinton,

Even though Same sex marriage was legalized there is still many issues concerning LGBTQ+ rights.

There is still a lot of discrimination against people in the LGBTQ+ community. They can still be denied jobs or fired for being gay. People of all ages are bullied and beaten up for being gay, even kicked out of there own homes by their parents of all people. I feel that gay rights should not stop at legalizing gay marriage. We have to keep going and make it to where people of different Orientations have the same rights as everyone else. we need to make it to where gay couples have the same chance at adopting as straight couples!

We all need to be seen as people. We are all human beings regardless of Gender, Race, or Orientation. I think it is good that if you become president you will continue to further the rights of The LGBTQ+ community because we cannot stop here.


Megan Owens