Kobe K. California

Future President

Make the future of America great when the hear the word America

Future president the experiences I’ve had are all the people and the government need equal rights also help the homeless and make the economy grow and some might even vote for you in 4 years if you keep up the good work I’ve said. The issues that are important to me are guns, health care, and immigration because without them we wouldn’t have a good place to stay in America. The guns should be purchased with a license and should have training for people to protect their property from trespassers or even just protect themselves from muggers or even killers. Health care worries me a lot because some homeless people don’t have health care or other people who are poor even if they have cancer or are very dangerous to inside like tumors. Whoever becomes president I want you to take care of them and their families which work super hard for money and try anything they can to feed their family. Immigration is a big problem for me too because without that we wouldn’t have as much people as we have long ago and now. Helping the immigrants who need help getting to know the place and starting new live with people they love and in a nice house but they can’t because they are poor I want you to spare some cash to raise a fundraiser to help their needs. I hope the president in the future changes the world into a better place make America a great place to visit even stay I want people to smile and cheer when people hear America.