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Talk about immigration and possible ways for the future president to change it. I share my grandparents story and how my family is where we are today because of immigration. My letter talks about how diversity can make America united and more powerful then it ever has been.

Dear Future President,

Congratulations on winning the presidential campaign. Obviously there are a lot of current problems that you are now forced to deal with. I feel like because of today’s society some of the most important situations deal with immigration. Diversity is key to a strong and united society. You want to make america great again? Make america diverse. You want to be stronger together? America can only be strong with diversity. The only way we can make america diverse is through immigration. I am not saying that we let anyone into our country because yes there are some bad people in the world. However, there are also many people in the world who could do great things for our country. I think your job as president should be to establish a strong and stable system that will let the right people into our country. By doing this you will make America diverse, create a strong, united, and stable America.

Many people complain that immigrants are taking the jobs of Americans. However, are they not Americans? Immigrants come to our country in attempts to live the American dream, something everyone living in america is already doing. They want to be just like us. The only difference is that they’re coming from a different background. These backgrounds will make a small business, community, state, or country stronger. says that diverstiy “can creat curiosity.” Since when has it been bad to be curious? thinks that “for companies to succeed in the global marketplace, they must make the most of the full range of their people.” If we (as Americans) want this success, we must be diverse. How will we become diverse? We must improve our immigration policy.

Immigration can bring so much success to our country. As you know already we are greatly in debt. One of the reasons we are in debt is because the lack of success in our businesses and corporations. Maybe the problem with these businesses is because they are not diverse enough! Maybe they don’t have enough people with different backgrounds and a different life story. I know there is a huge concern with safety. You as the next president must protect citizens. However, that does not mean we can prevent someone from a different country from living the American Dream. My grandparents are immigrants, and I cannot tell you how thankful they are for being given the opportunity of living the American Dream. There are more people like my grandparents. People who would contribute to society, and bring success to our country. All we need is an efficient system, I trust you will be able to do so.

Good Luck.

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