Dawson C. Kentucky

My Thoughts on Immigration

These are my thoughts on immigration and what you should do about it.

D. Cummings

Louisville, Kentucky

October 27, 2016

Dear President of the United States,

You just got elected to be the President of the United States! Good job on winning. You have lots of responsibility, and lots of people look up to you. I have thoughts about one problem in the United States, immigration that I would like to share with you.

I think refugees should be welcomed by the United States and the world. I think this because refugees have to wait 2-3 years to come to another country. The refugees were sent to a camp where they had little to no food a day and they had dirty water. They have had a much harder time with life than most Americans. They had to leave there country because of either a war or shortage of food or water. That is why I think refugees should be welcomed.

One of the problems with immigration is that terrorists will try to come into our country, and that is a problem because they would pose a threat to most of America. Now, thousands of refugees are fleeing to America because we are a free country. I believe it is unfair if you kick them all out just because they are from a different country that was having a war or food/water shortages. But not every immigrant or refugee is a criminal or terrorist. I think that you should tell everyone that not all refugees are criminals.

How would you like it if the President kicked you out of a country if you came there for safety and security and you were forced to leave? You probably wouldn’t like that, would you? So, why would you force that on other people? That is unfair. Just think of all the innocent refugee people you are hurting and maybe even some people that have been in this country for 8 or 10 years will still be kicked out?

In the article, “Immigration at the Front of 2016 Presidential Race” (Arizona Republic, May 2015), I learned that if we give citizenship to every immigrant we might give freedom to a criminal because some immigrants come to our country illegally. So that is why I think you should not give citizenship to everyone that came from other countries. We should only give citizenship to refugees that are from a camp. They should keep their papers from the camp to check to see if they are not criminals.

Another issue is illegal immigrants that want citizenship. I think that immigrants should be able to apply for a citizenship if they submit to a background check. If the check shows that you have a criminal past then they should be deported. If the check is all good then they should be able to stay.

I learned about refugees and immigrants in a field trip I went on. That changed my view on refugees and how hard it is to be refugees. You get very little shelter food or water. The shelter is mainly made out of sticks and a tarp. Protesters come and try to kick you out because they think refugees are terrorists.

Those are some of the ideas that I believe you should understand as President. Our country started from immigrants because the pilgrims were immigrants because they wanted to have religious freedom. The first America was made up of France, England, Spain and the Indians. Those are some reasons that I think that you should not kick everyone that is a refugees/immigrant out of the country.


D. Cummings


Pacesetters Block 2 Social Studies

Pacesetters Block 2 Social Studies

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