Brandy California

Letter to Trump

This letter is for Trump regarding his awful behavior towards women.

Dear Mr. Trump or Future President,

I believe that you can make a difference in this world. A recent scandal came out about how you believe you can treat and touch women any way you want. That video was so disgusting and belittling towards women. If you want to be the next future president you need to understand women are people too. Women are not just toys that are there for you when you want to abuse and sexually harass them. We the people need to have respect and trust in you to believe that you can successfully run our nation.

I'm astonished that you still have women voters considering everything you have said. Clinton is not the best candidate either but she supports women and does not belittle them like you do. We cannot have a president that treats women the way you do considering we make up most of this whole freaking world! You have a wife, you have daughters, you have a mother, and you still continue to treat women with extreme disrespect. If anyone ever spoke to your wife or daughters the way you do, you would be very angry.

All I'm trying to say in this letter is that if you want to become the next president, have some respect for the women who keep this world going around. A good president would respect anyone no matter what religion, race, what region they come from, their economic status, etc, they are.


Brandy Rose