Samantha T. California

Equal Rights

A woman isn't defined by a man, we are not sexual objects, we are human.

Dear Mr. or Madame President,

If you are a woman you might already know what I say when I talk about women’s rights because you have probably lived through it. I just wanted to address some of the things women in this day in age have to deal with. As you may know in 2016 the most influential topic to children and young adults is the media, we can’t go on social media without seeing something that impacts our daily lives. Most of the time I go on social media I am saddened to see the constant body shaming and gender inequality, I usually see comments like “someone tell her to put clothes on” or “she’s too skinny/fat to wear that.” It scares me to know that this is what the next generation of people are learning.

No matter how much women try, we never fit our “societal standards.” It is sad that my mom has to tell me I need to know how to cook if I ever want to get married. We are constantly being judged on how we dress, how we talk, what to eat, and who to love. Young girls and I have been dress coded all of our lives, “Last year, more than 200 students on New York's Staten Island -- almost all of them female -- got detentions over dress code infractions. In Florida, students were publicly shamed for violating dress code by being forced to wear ‘shame suits.’” Men have no where near the same borders that women do. Sadly women are discriminated everyday and we still choose not to educate the young boys of our upcoming generations.

I have many times been discriminated against from my friends and strangers, I went to the movies one day and I asked these strangers kindly to move over so my sister and I could sit and they wouldn’t move until my dad came and asked. I don’t know if it was intentional or not but it was sad to know I don’t get the same respect as a man. Even at lunch boys at school tease young girls and say the only way they are going to make it in life is if they marry rich. I don’t ever want to think that way, I want to make my own money and live how I want to live. To this day women still don’t get paid enough. Women in Iceland were protesting recently because they were getting paid 18% less than the men in Iceland, so women started leaving 18% earlier around 2:48. Women are talking about how unacceptable this pay gap is, any pay gap is unacceptable. Even though this problem wasn’t in America it’s sad to know that pay gaps are still accepted in our societies. So Mr/Madame President how will you help close these gaps? How will you make this future better for the next generation of girls and women?