Donatella N. Florida

Illegal Immigration

Dear Future President of the United States,

I am a resident of Miami, Florida, and I am writing this letter to you directly because there is miscommunication regarding illegal immigration.

Considering that I live in Miami, which is a very diverse city, it can be understood why our community worries about topics like deportation and to be separated from our families and friends. It is understandable when other communities and cities say that no one likes illegal immigration, but there are millions of illegal immigrants working at regular jobs and even paying income tax, according to the IRS. That is something that about forty percent of American households do not even do. It makes no sense to send those people home.

As the next president of the United States, you should give illegal immigrants that are already in the United States a path to citizenship without deportation. Yes, it was wrong for them to break the law, but we want people who want to be here; this is a country made up of immigrants for a reason. The illegals are already here and have already made a name for themselves in this country. Why rip it away and send them to a country where they no longer belong?

In order to prevent illegal immigrants from crossing our borders currently or in the future, this country must have strict boarder control and strict immigration policies. They must know that if they want to enter the United States, they must wait to be processed like the rest of the individuals who are waiting patiently.

I hope you take what I say into consideration and please reply with your response to my mailing address as soon as you are able to, if you are able to.


Donatella Nuñez

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